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Why Developers United?

Because we are developers and know developers we help you find the right developers. Our strength is our network and market knowledge. We help to get your message across so developers know why it’s a good idea to join your team. With our extensive experience in high quality searching, technical screening and hiring we can help you with every step of the way.

Service 1: Matchmaking

Recruiters call it sourcing, we call it matchmaking. It’s about finding the right candidate and getting him or her to a sound decision by both you and the candidate to join your team. We can do this on a no-cure-no-pay basis or at an hourly rate.

Service 2: Technical Screening

We offer high quality technical and personal screening of developer talent. We support most popular programming languages and frameworks (Java, JavaScript, Scala, Golang, Ruby). Relying on your already stretched team of developers to do repetitive assessments of developer skills that might not be hired is a sure waste. Developers United combined years of hands on tech experience and hundreds of tech interviews to provide a smooth and accurate developer screening.

Our offering

The DevScan provides you with a report on skills with a grade for each area that matters to you. Online tests provide you with generic results that often don’t fit your needs. Why test for math skills when framework knowledge is essential for your team?

Perhaps you’re doubting a developer’s skills based on his resume but don’t want to waste your hiring manager’s or developers time. In stead put the developer through our scan and you might be pleasantly surprised!

Why Developers United?
We have years professional experience in the education sector, we are trained examiners and hiring managers. Plus we have decades of hands on development experience. We know what to ask and what you need to know to proceed with the a candidate.

We combine tests with a personal interview. Personal, efficient and clear.

Stop chasing, start hiring!


Each assessment is €500.

Service 3: Tech Employer branding

We know what attracts developers. And what doesn’t. We can advise you on ingredients that your offering needs to be attractive for developers and how to write job descriptions that are clear and enticing.

Our approach

Our network

Looking for an ambitious (international) developers? We can get you in touch with talented and eager developers. We know the Dutch market and the struggle of finding the perfect candidate. There are a lot of very talented international developers out there and we’re on a mission to get them to you.


We bring the developers to you. When we contact you, we already have the developer that fits your job and culture. This ensures a smooth, fast process for an affordable, no-cure no-pay fee.

Since we have experience in attracting international talent we know what it takes to become ‘expat friendly’ as a company. We keep in touch with our developers to make they adjust properly to living in The Netherlands.

No sweat international hiring

For a transparent fee we take care of all the hassle surrounding international hiring. No stress and minimal effort from your side. Please contact us if you’re willing to join our quest to make developer recruitment a better experience.

Interested in why we started and what we believe in? Check out our story.